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Floor Mate Pads


Ultra•Form Floor Mate Pads are a cost effective product for use with Low Beds. They provide a firm support surface to be placed beside the bed to create a safer environment for the at-risk patient. From a wheelchair, residents can easily roll the front wheels onto the surface. This places the resident closer to the bed for a safer exit from the wheelchair. Floor Mate Pads also allow nursing staff to easily roll residents closer to the bedside.


• Creates Safer Environment for Patients At-Risk
• For Use with Low Beds
• Easy to Clean


• Assorted Sizes Available
• Standard or Sloped Design
• Non-Skid Covering Option
• Heavy Duty Vinyl Covering
• 2 Velcro Handles for Anchoring to Bed
• Bi-fold Design for Easy Storage
• 1 Year Warranty
• Made in the USA

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