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Pressure Relief System

Ultra-Form Pressure Relief System



     American Health Systems (AHS) products feature the "Ultra-Form" design. Ultra-form's network of independent, "virtual floatation cells"evenly distributes pressure,  helps eliminate laterial shear, while offering exceptional conformity to any area occupied by a patient.


*Innovation and Technology*

  AHS was the first to offer a "Defined Perimeter Mattress" (DPM) in an effort to increase patient safety and protect a patients extremities from impingement. The DPM mattress helps prevent patients from accidentally exiting the sleep surface, but does not restrain the patient to the bed.

  AHS was also the first to design and offer "Integrated Surface Technology" (IST). IST is encorporated in every AHS product. One of the most notable improvments to patients quality of life that came as a result of IST is "Softcell". Softcell is utilized in all AHS mattresses, foot positioners and foot stabilizers to prevent heel breakdown.



  AHS products are hand crafted in the USA from 100% virgin polyurethane foams, upholstered in the finest cover materials on the market. AHS products have a conditional 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Feel free to request our complete warranty statement that contains all pertinent information. 



  AHS products include fall pads, pressure relief mattresses, pressure relieving mattresses, positioners, wheelchair cushions, behavioral health mattresses, stretcher pads, mattress covers and many more upholstered foam pieces that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of all healthcare facilities.

Fall pads also know as floor pads attach at the base of the bed near the floor, they can feature low slip bottoms and be made in variety of sizes. According to the CDC about 1800 people living in nursing homes die from falls each year. Each year, a typical nursing home with 100 beds reports 100 to 200 falls, yet many falls go unreported. The average falls is 2.6 falls per person per year. About 35% of the fall injuries occur amount residents who cannot walk.

Our Defined Perimeter Pressure Relief Mattress has raised bolsters to help keep nursing home patients from rolling out of bed in combination with the fall pads would reduce the chance of a fall and make a fall less tramatic should someone fall.

Test results prove our pressure relief mattresses will prevent up to stage 2 pressure ulcers. Pressure ulcers can also cost facilities tens of thousands of dollars annually.


Our pressure relief mattresses have been on the market for over 20 years. We make each of the pressure relief mattresses to order, so we can make custom sizes as needed. Our pressure relief mattresses feature a firm side rail that is flush with the side of the mattresses, this firm side rail allows the patient to enter and exit the bed without sinking in on the side.


"AHS= Pressure Relief for Treatment and Prevention of up to Stage 2 Decubitus Ulcers "



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