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Ultra-Form Mattress Overlays

The Ultra-form Mattress Overlay was developed by American Health Systems as a dry flotation pressure relief device, appropriate for prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. The mattress overlay has been tested by The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research in Houston, Texas by Dr. Thomas Krouskop. The testing checked the overlays performance by using the Texas Interface Pressure Evaluator to determine the pressures exerted at the four critical parts of the body: heels, trochanter, sacrum, and scapula. The concepts of using independent cells for pressure dispersion has been proven effective in several pressure relief products. The independent cells produce low shearing forces thereby allowing for more even distribution of pressure. The beveled edges of the Ultra-Form cells reduce the contact surface area. This allows the pad to cradle the body and assures the greatest amount of skin contact and conformity. Each cell is self-adjusting to the weight and profile of the surface with which it is in contact.

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